Say you built a small server – to play your audios or videos – and you want to easily and securely access it in your local network  It works great and you consider making a product out of it. Well – here’s the thing – there is no universal, convenient way for users to safely connect to your server – even in their local network. Let’s have a look at the situation, backgrounds and possible workarounds. Read More →

Plenty of services use a standard email-address as login token. This has advantages: The user doesn’t need to remember another keyword and the service provider knows that the email address is unique and can be verified. But there’s one BIG problem: Other people know your email-address and – with it – 50% of your login credentials. How to to eat the cake AND eat it? Read More →

Ich bin ein Fan von modernen Systemen. 3D Drucker, Virtual Reality oder alle andere aktuellen Entwicklungen faszinieren mich privat wie beruflich. Deswegen finde ich auch selbst-steuernde Autos einfach super. Aber auch wenn ich von der technologischen Entwicklung beeindruckt bin: Die Roboter-Autos werden noch viele, viele Jahre an Entwicklungen brauchen. Read More →