What happens if one pokes a stick into a hill of fire ants? You’re in trouble. The same happened to me when I engaged in some discussions with #infosec on Twitter. What could have been a nice weekend, turned into a lot of work.

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PWAs .. or .. progressive web apps make it easy – in principle – to develop rich and flexible user experiences without developing 3 different versions: for iOS, Android and the web. That’s the idea – however, rivalry and different business perspectives make it far more complicated and impossible to get stuff done. Time for an open letter … Read More →

The little ESP8266 and its relatives have already found it’s way into the developments of commercial devices as well as hobbyists. It is cheap, with tons of features and works super well when connected to an on-line power source. But it’s relatively large hunger for power – because it is WiFi based – was a big disadvantage whenever it came to battery powered devices – that is – until now. Read More →