The little ESP8266 and its relatives have already found it’s way into the developments of commercial devices as well as hobbyists. It is cheap, with tons of features and works super well when connected to an on-line power source. But it’s relatively large hunger for power – because it is WiFi based – was a big disadvantage whenever it came to battery powered devices – that is – until now. Read More →

While the LUMOSUR environment does it’s thing based on sensors, touch screens and mobile controllers, voice control is also a part of the mix. We are not developing an Alexa clone and you won’t be able to order a pizza through LUMOSUR, but you can entrust it with your home automation, air conditioners – even door locks – because it doesn’t require any cloud- or even Internet connection. However – a good microphone is required to reliably recognize voice commands. So – we tried the ReSpeaker v2.0 microphone array. Read More →

In Europa gibt es viele “Experten” die uns immer erklären, wie “digital” in der Wirtschaft funktioniert – oder besser – funktionieren sollte. Ich kenne zwei Gruppen dieser “Fachleute” – die eine Gruppe schwänzelt um amerikanische Großkonzerne herum und bewundert die “Innovationskraft” von Google, Amazon oder Facebook, die andere Gruppe saugt sich “Ideen” aus den Fingern die aus ihrer jeweiligen Sicht die Zukunft bestimmen. Beide Gruppen liegen völlig falsch.
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Say you built a small server – to play your audios or videos – and you want to easily and securely access it in your local network  It works great and you consider making a product out of it. Well – here’s the thing – there is no universal, convenient way for users to safely connect to your server – even in their local network. Let’s have a look at the situation, backgrounds and possible workarounds. Read More →