Here’s the situation: The San Bernardino shooter was in possession of an iPhone. It is locked and will delete all  of its content  after 10 unsuccessful tries. The government went to Apple and asked for help unlocking the phone. The only way that this is supposed to be possible is a special knit update for this particular phone would allow the government an unlimited number of tries to get the phone unlocked. Read More →

Ich bin ein Fan von modernen Systemen. 3D Drucker, Virtual Reality oder alle andere aktuellen Entwicklungen faszinieren mich privat wie beruflich. Deswegen finde ich auch selbst-steuernde Autos einfach super. Aber auch wenn ich von der technologischen Entwicklung beeindruckt bin: Die Roboter-Autos werden noch viele, viele Jahre an Entwicklungen brauchen. Read More →

I have been working with and for Linux since version 0.94. In other words: I am not 20 anymore. Back in the old days, I ran around trying to convince companies to port software or to use Linux,  I wrote device drivers, applications, fixed bugs and had it in production environments serving hundred thousands of users. But the current operating system is not longer Linux. It’s Winux. And I hate it. Read More →

Javascript is growing strong. It’s the universal language for online development. It allows anything – from file access to content modification, even video- and audio chats are now scriptable. But what about security? A new mechanism guarantees safe script even on corrupted servers. Read More →