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About Our Men & Women in uniform

About Our Men & Women in uniform

I am sure you have read about the sacrifices that our men and woman in uniform are asked to make. But it’s not only them – their families suffer as well. Uncertainty, the dangers of deployment, their loved ones on duty somewhere in the world. It’s tough and we can’t thank them enough.

But there are others who deserve the same appreciation – and they serve much close to home. First responders are the unsung heroes who rush towards danger while others flee from it. They include firefighters, police officers, search & rescue responders, and emergency medical technicians, among others. These individuals are on the front lines, ready to aid and protect us during emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters. Their quick thinking, expertise, and calm demeanor in high-pressure situations make a significant difference in saving lives and restoring order. They work tirelessly, often sacrificing their own well-being, to provide essential services and comfort to those in need.

First responders willingly sacrificed their time, their physical and mental well-being, and sometimes even their lives for the greater good. They face danger head-on, ready to protect and serve, often missing important family events, birthdays, and holidays. They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, yet find the strength to keep going.

They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, driven by a profound sense of duty and a desire to make a difference. Their sacrifices are a testament to their unwavering dedication, reminding us all of the incredible resilience and bravery found within the hearts of those who answered the call to serve their communities.

And then there are those who volunteer to jump into action when their help is required. Most rural areas wouldn’t have firefighters or sometimes even ambulances if it wasn’t for those who spend their time and sometimes even money to help – even risk their life – to help their fellow citizens.

Public safety personnel are 5 times more likely to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression than their civilian counterparts, leading to higher rates of suicide.

EMS workers experience traumatic events on almost every shift. Yet – 69% of EMS workers say that they do not have enough time to recover from traumatic events, leading them to cope in unhealthy ways (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) . 1 in 5 firefighters will struggle with behavioral health issues, including depression, at some point in their careers.

Just imagine what our men and women out there in the streets and in the wilderness get to see, have to experience almost every time the are asked to perform their duties?

The commitment, sacrifice, and valor displayed by military personnel, first responders and their families are unparalleled. Their unwavering dedication to our safety and well-being is a testament to their noble calling. It is crucial that we express our deep gratitude for their service, providing them with the recognition, support, and resources they need.

By appreciating their efforts, we honor their sacrifice and ensure that their legacy of selflessness and bravery continues to inspire generations to come.

Let us always remember and cherish the invaluable contributions of these exceptional individuals who serve as the guardians of our society.

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