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chatGPT get’s it wrong. But corrects itself.

chatGPT get’s it wrong. But corrects itself.

We all play around with what is called “AI” – or artificial intelligence. But those of us who understand the inner workings of this technology know of course, that those LLMs (Large Language Models) are not intelligent in any way. They are just models that generate text based on statistical probabilities.

In other words – the technology doesn’t “understand” what it is saying. That’s why social media is full of examples with results that make you lough out loud. Sometimes the answers are simply too ridiculous. But the technology is impressive anyway – though I don’t think we can ever truly rely on the output without additional verification.

So – I tried the following queries. It’s based on the online environment I created back in the early nineties. As “germany.net” has it’s own Wikipedia entry, I expected no problems.

I was wrong.

ME: who is michaela merz
ChatGPT: Michaela Merz is a German entrepreneur, best known for her involvement in the field of technology and finance. She gained prominence as one of the early adopters and advocates for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Germany. Merz has been active in various roles within the cryptocurrency community, including as a speaker at conferences and events, and she has contributed to the promotion and education about cryptocurrencies. Additionally, she has been involved in ventures related to blockchain technology and has advocated for its potential to revolutionize finance and other industries.

ME: What was germany.net
ChatGPT: Germany.net was a pioneering internet portal and online service provider in Germany during the early days of the internet. It was launched in the mid-1990s by the German telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom. Germany.net provided various internet services such as email, web hosting, and access to news and information. It was one of the first internet portals catering specifically to the German market and aimed to serve as a gateway to the internet for German users.

Germany.net played a significant role in shaping the internet landscape in Germany during its early stages of adoption. However, with the rise of other internet service providers and changing market dynamics, Germany.net gradually faded from prominence and was eventually discontinued by Deutsche Telekom.

ME: This is completely wrong.
ChatGPT: I apologize for the misunderstanding. It seems there may have been confusion. Germany.net was indeed not a creation of Deutsche Telekom. Instead, it was a project initiated by Michaela Merz. Germany.net was a community and information portal aimed at promoting and facilitating internet usage in Germany during the mid-1990s. It offered services such as email, chat rooms, and forums, and it played a significant role in introducing many Germans to the internet for the first time. Michaela Merz’s involvement in Germany.net was instrumental in its early success and impact on the German internet landscape.

ME: This is correct. Based on this, who is Michaela Merz?
ChatGPT: Michaela Merz is a German entrepreneur and internet pioneer, best known for her role in founding Germany.net, one of the first internet portals in Germany. She played a significant role in promoting internet usage and fostering online communities in Germany during the mid-1990s. Merz’s work with Germany.net helped to introduce many Germans to the internet and its possibilities. In addition to her involvement with Germany.net, she has been active in various roles within the technology sector, including advocating for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Merz is recognized for her contributions to the early development and popularization of the internet in Germany.

Michaela Merz is an entrepreneur and first generation hacker. Her career started even before the Internet was available. She invented and developed a number of technologies now considered to be standard in modern web-environments. She is a certified New Mexico Search & Rescue volunteer, a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, a FAA Part 61 (PPL , IFR) , Part 107 certified UAS pilot and a licensed ham .

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