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Code is law: The SECUMUNDO vision

We live in interesting times. Governments, organizations or other interested parties are on the hunt. They want data. Your data, my data, your friends data, you neighbors data. They want to process it, store it, digest it and sell it. They want it because they want to know who you are, what you do or what you are planning to do,  what you own, what you like, what you eat and a lot more.

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Encryption has been around since the Roman times. Why don’t people use technology to protect their data, their lives and privacy? Agreed – data security hasn’t been very convenient.  One needs keys, passwords, software, plugins or other mechanisms to store or to exchange data. Buzzwords like PGP or Certificates, signatures, 256bit, transport layer security are confusing and most people don’t even know hat they mean. If the browser displays a little lock and says, my transmission is encrypted. That means .. my data is safe, right? Wrong. You data might be safe in transit (depending on the receivers configuration), but it will be available without any protection once it has been stored on the other side – say a cloud or any other kind of service. As I said – data security is kind of weird and, well, cryptic.

This is why I developed SECUMUNDO. Our users don’t have to concern themselves with cryptography. They can simply drag and drop their files into the SECUMUNDO window and that’s it. No need to install, download or configure anything, no need to remember a gazillion passwords and no need to manage digital certificates. SECUMUNDO uses high-grade end-to-end encryption –  meaning that nobody, not even us, can intercept, read, modify or access any data. Our user simply drag files to the share folder to share it with friends or co-workers, write and store confidential notes or even chat with friends – everything will always be protected against all eavesdropping or snooping.

secu_chatSECUMUNDO is much more than just a cloud storage. It is a philosophy. We are going to provide a lot more services that will enable our users to protect their digital lives wherever they are. As of now, you can store data, share it other SECUMUNDO users or export it to somebody else. You can store confidential short notes (like phone-numbers) that will be available to you (and only to you) wherever you are. And yes – it is safe to access SECUMUNDO over wireless networks – even unprotected networks. You may want to use SECUMUNDO to chat with people while waiting for a flight, or sitting in the hotel lobby or in a meeting. And – yes again: No problems using SECUMUNDO services in unsafe environments. As long as your computer is safe – you are safe.

So – what’s next? We are currently concentrating on the fist public release of SECUMUNDO. So – no new functions or modules for the time being. Code freeze is the mAGIC word. Bug hunting the task for the next few weeks.

So please – stay tuned for more amazing SECUMUNDO news.

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